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19 Pots



Materials: Plant pots (plastic/clay) and Plastic.


The inspiration for this design came from carefully observing the surroundings. This time it was examining rural landscape - recycling existing objects found on the ground – disposable plant pots. The 19 pots chandelier is a light fixture made of re-used 19 disposable plants pots. Three factors were considered while choosing the appropriate pots: shape, material and purpose. The delicate and geometric form of the chosen pots contributed to the consolidation of the end design. The pot’s material is heat-resistant and the drainage holes at the bottom, usually used to drain water, serve to discharge heat. 


​​Ceiling lamp size: Dim 60 cm H 100 cm. *length can be adjusted

* Price upon request


19 pots in terracotta 

The first sketch: re-use of small plants cups, irrigating pipes and droppers.

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