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Desert Storm



Materials: Metal and Sand.


This project is inspired by sand. The shape of the sand-molded lamp shades brings to mind primitive dessert structures, while the fixture’s overall figure resembles that of plants that blossom in the Mediterranean seashore. The use of sand as the main material plays on the tension between its wild nature – that of sand storms and vast deserts – and the delicacy of the molded end design. Despite their apparent fragility, the bulbs are sturdy, and their strength partners with that of the fixture’s metal pole. Once the LED lamp is lit, it spreads a soft light, which accentuates the amorphous shapes still present on the lampshade’s surface, reminding us of the sand’s original untamed nature. 




Floor lamp size: Dim 30 cm H 180 cm. Table lamp size: Dim 20 cm H 60 cm


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