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Marine Light



Materials: Seaweed, Bio resin and Metal.


This project is inspired by the sea. Through the unconventional use of seaweed as a main material for a domestic environment, the product plays on the tension between the artistic and the commercial. Ancient cultures have appreciated and utilized seaweeds for different uses. Today, seaweeds are cultivated and harvested on a commercial scale, as a result of a growing interest driven by environmental concerns. The Marine Light lamp combines a metal base and a structure of thin metal strings for the lamp-shade. The seaweeds are applied on the metal strings while still fresh. As they dry, they shrink and obtain the form of the lamp-shade. A mixture of bio resin is applied to preserve them.




​Table lamp size: Dim 33 cm H 40 cm. Ceiling lamps size: Dim 30 cm H 20 cm 


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