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Mini Drums



Materials: Wood, acrylic and Metal.

Inspired by the world of plants the Mini-Drums collection mimic the way some fruits are hanging from tree branches.

The use of materials such as acrylic and metal gives the design its minimalistic chic while the use of wood generate 

natural warmth.


Size: D 30 cm H 20 cm W 40 cm.



Horizontal - 2.jpg
pendant - horizontal - dark backround -

This collection can be versatile - each lamp can be hanged vertically and horizontally. The height and position of the lamps can be adjusted by changing the length and number of steel wires connecting the lamps to the ceiling.


pendant - vertical - dark backround - bl

Mini Drums pendants can be integrated beautifully in any domestic and public spaces in either traditional or more contemporary decors.


Long table.jpg
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