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OSB Lights


When wood is turned into chipboard (OSB) its value decreases. Chipboard is mainly used for products that are perceived as "low-value" products, both materialistically and aesthetically, such as shipping crates. The guiding idea was to reuse chipboard from - a material that has almost reached the end of its life cycle - in a manner that will upgrade its value and render it usable. 

The design process empathize the material's original characteristics and aesthetic fundamentals. Processing the wood reveals the layers of the chipboard, creating new fascinating textures.

Dancing Cones Pendant light



Materials: Wood (OSB), Resin and Metal.


These lamps are based on the idea of turning a modest material into a desirable design object. The process of layering the OSD results in a unique grainy texture, shaped into cones that seem to be dancing on the steel wire holding them.




Ceiling lamp size: Dim 35 cm H 100 cm. *length can be adjusted

Lighthouse table lamp



Materials: Wood (OSB).


Table lamp made of 100% solid chipboard.




​​Table lamp size: Dim 40 cm H 50 cm


Sunflowers Floor lamp



Materials: Metal and wood (OSB).


Inspired by sunflowers, the LED lights reflects toward the OSB wooden texture, glowing back and creating a warm and soft ambiance.




​​Floor lamp size: Dim 40 cm H 150 cm


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