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Solo Exhibition at the Tiroche Gallery



In this exhibition the designer presents prototypes of furniture and light objects created in his studio.

These objects are the result of a long development process taking into consideration materials, proportions and technology.

The objects morphology stays true to the designer artistic believes: clean design, humor and strong connection to nature as the main source of inspiration.

Constantly present in the designer's works is a dialogue between the wild and the domestic, the industrial and the natural.

The designs stay loyal to the material's original characteristics, as in traditional working methods, and at the same time present innovative material and structure , and can be produced with modern technologies.

Alongside this collection of furniture and light objects the designer showcases his latest collection of light fixtures made of seaweeds.


In the wide cultural context, this exhibition reflects the designer's appreciation to Japanese design.

The use of seaweed (common in Japan) alongside the aesthetics of the objects reveals this strong connection. The designs are clean, simple, and accurate and have a strong materialistic visibility.



Inside the wooden surfaces of the objects metal poles are inserted, keeping the surface from twisting, and providing strength. The legs penetrate the surfaces and show at the top of object.

A small pin is inserted from below and connect to the top surface with two screws while another pin connects both legs at the bottom.


22 . 6 . 2013 - 19 . 7 . 2013

Kikar de shalit, Herzelia. IL.

Opening hours :

Sanday - Thursday  

11:00 - 19:00

Friday 28.6.13  

10:00 - 14:00

About the Gallery:

Located in Herzelia. IL. Tiroche Gallery hosts art | design exhibition from local and international artists.

Tiroche Gallery is part of the Tiroche Auction House.



The objects in the exhibition follow the same morphology of 2 cone wooden legs with slim top.


The end results in tables, chairs and light objects.


Marine Light

Lamps made of seaweeds launched last April at Spazio Rossana Orlandi in Milan.

In this exhibition there are new ceiling lamps.


1 * The legs penetrate the surfaces and showed at the top of object.


2 * A small pin in inserted from below, connected to the top surface with two screws.

3 * Another pin is connecting both legs at the bottom.

Table lamps

The max height is 40 cm.

The base is used to put personal belongings.


The main material used in this objects is wood :


> Maple.

> Bamboo.

> American Walnut.

> Beech.


Many thanks to: Mordechai Meiri, Talia Winokur and Talia Janover


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