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The Tango Collection


Materials: Metal

The whirling skirts of the lamps in the Tango collection evoke scenes of dance and joy, refined by the elegance of the black-colored shades together with a brass dome.

As in a dance, a unique choreography can be achieved by hanging the lamps in various heights and in accordance to the quantity of the lampshades. 

In addition to the modern ballroom inspiration, the image of the lamp also resembles the contour of a flower, giving it an organic and lively chic.



tango - 1.jpg

Single Pendant

Size: D 25 cm H 15 cm 


Tango - office space 2.jpg

Linear pendant

The Tango linear pendant is a contemporary light fixture. It is ideal to be installed in large scale spaces like offices or above a big dining table.

The Tango linear pendant can be bespoke in size and number of lampshades.

Size: D 25 cm H 20 cm W 400 cm


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