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Veggie lights



Materials: Red cabbage and Metal.

This project is a collaboration between Nir Meiri Studio and designer Vaidehi Thakkar, resulting in the design of table lamps collection made of Red cabbage !

Veggie Lights is a sustainable lighting collection inspired by the unique use of a vegetable as the main material.


The process begins with separating the red cabbage leafs, soaking them in water based adhesives (sustainable color preservatives) and treating them so that they obtain antifungal properties. The treated vegetable are then molded into shape and are left to dry in high temperatures until evaporating all moisture.


The collaboration between Nir Meiri Studio and Vaidehi Thakkar was born from the common wish to explore and execute sustainable design and take it a step further into the spotlights

Size: Dim 20 cm H 30 cm.

* Price upon request


Veggie Lights  - Nir Meiri Studio - 1 --
Veggie Lights  - Nir Meiri Studio - 5 --
Veggie Lights  - Nir Meiri Studio - 3 --

The red cabbage lamp designed to imitate the original shape of this vegetable. We designed two versions, one has a defined and round silhouette and the other is untrimmed and keep the original end of the vegetable. 

The veins and natural color of the red cabbage are clearly visible and produce a special visual effect once combined with light.


Cabbage lights (5).jpg
Veggie Lights  - Nir Meiri Studio - 7 --

The process behind Veggie lights 

Veggie Lights (6).jpg
Veggie Lights (5).jpg
Veggie Lights (2).jpg
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